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Golden Milk Tea with cinnamon, a robust coffee alternative

Our Experience

Hi, I am Heidi Schafer, founder of H3 Organics, LLC.  


As a young adult I experienced many mitigating health issues that conventional medicine could not easily resolve: e.g. yeast infections, endometriosis, skin rashes, sleeplessness, inconsistent bowel function, and low energy to name a few.  Over the years I realized that food and other lifestyle factors were contributing to my ill health.  After some self study, I applied some basic health rules and lifestyle regimens. I noticed with these changes my health improved.  These successes motivated me to change my career course and life perspective.  They further spurred me to formally study Blood Sugar Regulation, Insulin Resistance, and Digestive Health.  Soon after I acquired a Nutrition Consulting certification from Global College of Natural Medicine. My studies taught me to look at health as multifaceted. Overall this journey helped me to align my life values with my interests, which include a passion for whole and real foods, outdoor fitness/natural environments, and social graces.   

Raw asparagus and red pepper salad in rustic bowl

Our Approach

H3 Organics UNDERSTANDS if your struggling with low energy, constant hunger, cravings, constipation, bloating, etc., that your body is communicating something is wrong.  Our job is to help you get to the root cause of these dysfunctions. 

Our first appointment together includes a comprehensive consult to get to know you and help identify areas that need your attention. We then create a personal plan with timelines, goals, and accountability. We further offer targeted services and products to support your health goals.  

Our Nutritional coaching takes a functional approach, educates you, and explains why your food choices and lifestyle factors are contributing to compromised health.  We differ from a traditional nutritional modality in that we take an integrated approach using a paradigm of 5 Pillars. We focus on you and give you the time, attention, and guidance you deserve.  Together we’ll create YOUR plan for success.  

Why Us?

Why Us?


You deserve good health and good health is NOT rocket science! We are here to take this journey with you knowing health and wellbeing are attainable and the returns are great!

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