Hand written note from Suzan W., ARNP, Kirkland, WA

"Thought you might like to see the difference you have made in Ann's life - her blood work is so much better after you worked with her..."!

From former client Connie K., Issaquah, WA

"Heidi has been instrumental in helping me understand the concept of doing healthy, mindful, positive things for myself as a whole and the improvements have been impressive.  While she is an impressive, knowledgeable nutritional consultant, she has also been mentor, coach, and cheering squad and provided access to instruction from other caregivers as needed.  She has taken the role of helping me see how each member of my team-primary, naturopath and others can be used together."

Kristine M., Woodinville, WA

I broke my leg in March and was in the hospital for nine days. I was in rehab for almost two weeks and in respite for the remaining three. Heidi took care of my nutritional needs the entire time by dropping off provisions twice a week to all three facilities. Her creativity and zest for healthy cooking really shine through in the dishes she makes. They're fantabulous!  They kept me going when my health was in very poor shape. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs help regaining their health or just wants an assortment of incredible, healthy meals. Thank you Heidi!


Y. Hall Preston, WA

I came to Heidi a few years ago wanting to improve my health.  At the time I was eating what I thought was a healthy --mostly vegan-- diet and would have described my overall health as "pretty good".  But I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease and struggled with energy levels and mood issues that I had come to consider "normal".  After extensive questioning and review, Heidi suggested that I could be dealing with blood sugar dysregulation.  I had never heard of this.  Since my periodic blood work always showed numbers to the low end of the healthy range in this area, issues related to insulin and blood sugar we're not even on the radar screen for my doctor(despite the fact that type two diabetes and dementia run in my family).  I didn't believe Heidi when she suggested that my sugar levels were livingly spiking and dropping erratically many times throughout the day virtually with every bite I ate.  I like facts and data and what I learned, shocked me!  

With Heidi's guidance I came to understand that even healthy foods are not healthy for every body.  We worked to learn what was truly healthy for me and what could help my body heal.  It took time and some major changes to my way of eating(the good news is that some of the changes are temporary in that my body can now enjoy in moderation things that it could not tolerate two years ago).  My sugar levels now remain stable throughout the day,  I have more abundant and consistent energy, and I experience greater equanimity and calm.  

Heidi was a wonderful guide and resource through this process.  She is patient, knowledgeable, and very kind.  If you are willing to question whatever you think you know about health and nutrition and to make implementing key changes in your diet an important priority and focus in your life, she can help you transform your health!

K. Schneider, North Bend, WA

While I have never been an 'official" client of Heidi's, I have definitely benefited from the knowledge she has bestowed upon me over the years as a good friend.

Heidi really understands the body/mind/nutrition connection and how foods HEAL.

Her background and training comes shining through as does the passion she has behind her vocation.  She cares about her clients and wants to make a difference by transforming lives through the bounty of our natural foods.  

I would highly recommend her services to anyone!

Hailly B., Snoqualmie, WA

After implementing one of Heidi's wellness strategy's, within a week it worked!

Made my life easier.  Kids are on it too!  My children now know what real hunger feels like.